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A Century of innovation

TC Helicon, one of the most prestigious audio brands in the world, was originally founded in London, England in 1926 as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company. Almost 100 years have passed, and few audio brands enjoy TC Helicon's well-earned reputation for innovation and design excellence. With its extensive heritage, the TC Helicon name is found in the homes of the most discerning hi-fi enthusiasts and the most prestigious audio installations throughout the world - as well as inspiring the audio recording world with cutting-edge studio monitoring products.

Dedicated to perfection

TC Helicon is one of the few remaining loudspeaker makers dedicated to creating the ultimate audio experience. This is accomplished by constantly raising the bar for sound quality, and following a philosophy of relentless improvement for your consumer, professional and commercial applications.

Best in class performance

For those seeking uncompromised loudspeaker performance, TC Helicon remains the leading choice for consumers and audio professionals alike. From the renowned high-end heritage embodied by Prestige Gold reference and Kingdom Royale premium hi-fi products, to the market-leading QFlex digitally steerable arrays and CMS performance in-ceiling loudspeaker systems; TC Helicon is the by-word for "best-in-class" loudspeaker solutions. Located in the U.K. for more than 35 years, TC Helicon is world renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and quality.