About Cakka Nuraga

Cakka is a promising artist from Indonesia. His vitalising vocal sound, infectious melodic hooks, and convincing live performance have made him a huge success among audiences across the nation. Despite his young age, Cakka’s vocal talents and catchy songwriting has already earned him widespread national acclaim. Singing since the age of eight, music has been a mainstay of Cakka’s upbringing. He would accompany his older brother with vocal melodies while the latter practiced on the guitar, later adding guitar playing to his own musical skill set.

Cakka Nuraga kicked off his musical career by singing jingles and by appearing in a huge televised music competition in Indonesia. This put Cakka squarely on the map, and from there he has skyrocketed. 

Musically, Cakka’s sound reflects genres of pop, rock and blues. He points to American musician/singer-songwriter, John Mayer, as one of his main inspirations and reasons for his passion for music. 

Last year, Cakka Nuraga formed the duo, The Finest Tree, with his brother. They recently released their debut album, Album Hijau and have been busy promoting the music, which Cakka hopes will inspire listeners everywhere.

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