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Win a VoiceLive 2: design-a-voice-product

Our first attempt at design a product collage

VoiceScoreBoard - keep score of you vs. the rest of the band! - our office attempt at designing a product using collage

TC-Helicon is getting set to announce a monster-of-vocal product on June 16th. It’s likely some singers will pass out. To make it easier on TC-Helicon friends and owners we’re giving you a chance to predict the design of the new product using nothing but primary school art skills.

So here’s your chance to use your product design chops, vocal talent, and psychic abilities to predict what our new vocal child will look like and win a VoiceLive 2

How do you do it?
1. Download any of the images in this post (all come from our new product).

2. Construct an image of what you think the new product will look like with using those images – you are welcome to add some images of your own.

3. Post the image onto your facebook page or webpage if you’ve got one.

4. Email us with your name, description of your product, and image attached

Deadline is June 15th 9:00pm PST

TC-Helicon will select a winner based on creativity, darts, and creative use of a crystal ball.

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