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VoiceLive Touch – Firmware Update – 1.2.00

VoiceLive Touch


VoiceLive Touch gets a facelift!

We’ve been hard at work on the VoiceLive Touch, adding features and fixing nagging bugs. We’ve taken ideas from VoiceCouncil, Share-An-Idea, Facebook, trade shows like NAMM and Musikmesse, and lots of other user feedback to add amazing new features and to fix issues that get in the way of making great music with your Touch.

Here’s what’s new/changed in the update:

New Features:

1. Delay Feedback – Yep, you read right. Now you can change delay feedback! Sparing you the programming details, we had to implement it via separate Left and Right Feedback parameters. What that means is that you have independent control over the amount of L+R feedback in the stereo delay. If you want single “taps” of delay, make those numbers the same. If you want multi-taps and different sounds, make the numbers different.

2. Delay HiCut – Now you can simulate warmer/darker analog delays by adjusting this setting. Note that many of the factory presets were created with HiCut but now you can change to a new delay style and adjust it. Yay!

3. Reverb Decay – There’s now a decay parameter in the edit menu for Reverb.

4. Loop Level – Now you can have your loop play back at a reduced level from when you recorded it. It’s controlled via the Loop Level control in the MIX menu. The loop is always recorded at full input volume to preserve signal, so you can turn the loop back up while it’s playing.

5. New Switch 3 Combos – Harmony, Fav-, Fav+ and Harmony, Fav +, Fav -

Note: We’ve set things up so you move through banks in sequence as well.  That means if you’re on BankA Fav5 and press Fav+, you’ll move to BankB Fav1. Essentially this gives you seamless access to all 25 Favs smile Moving backwards functions the same way. If you are on BankA Fav1 and press Fav-, you’ll move to BankE Fav5.

6. Harmony Momentary Control – In Setup, you can globally change the Harmony button in any Switch3 combination to be either Latched No Key, Momentary, or Latched. Momentary allows you to hold the Harmony button for only as long as you need then release it. Latched is as it was before. Latched No Key, which is now the default, avoids going into Key Set mode if you linger a little too long on the footswitch (as does Momentary).


  1. Aux, Guitar jacks Auto Sense changes – When a Guitar or Aux jack is unplugged, the level will change to OFF to prevent unnecessary system noise. When the Guitar or Aux is plugged back in, the previous levels will be recalled. OFF on unplug is not reflected in the MIX screen. You will still see the value that’s stored.
  2. Bank Select CC is now on the same MIDI channel as Program Change – Now you can use Bank Select messages to load presets above 128 and your Favorites via MIDI.
  3. Footswitch options during Key Set – For you folks who like to use Scale harmony, you can now adjust key and scale by tapping the footswitches on a Switch 3. The Pedal setting in Setup has to have at least one footswitch assigned to Harmony and the Harm Btn Mode has to be set to Latched. Holding the Harmony footswitch enters the new footswitch override mode. Once in, tapping either button 2 or 3 does the key/scale setting. You can let it timeout back to regular function or tap the Harmony button to cancel.
  4. CC Send added to MIDI Filter in Setup – This just means Touch won’t send any more CC messages when you press the buttons on its front panel.

There are also a ton of smaller optimizations of the audio path too but we won’t bore you with the details…


1.    Aux volume increases during Talk.
2.    Guitar volume decreases after leaving Tuner.
3.    Unit freezes after long period of inactivity.
4.    TALK is still displayed after cancelling TALK via MIDI.
5.    Aux and USB mix volume reset after power cycle.
6.    HardTune stops or doesn’t follow Harmony after preset change.
7.    Random Freeze with MIDI devices – This was the crazy “we can’t find it” random MIDI bug.
8.    FAV(x) – Should no longer show when selecting a non-fav (factory) preset via MIDI.
9.    Fixed MIDI Clock for Tap Tempo.
10.    Sends to Delay and Reverb are muted on TALK.
11.    Presets shouldn’t mysteriously auto-advance any more.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

**Read and follow carefully! Your Presets and Setup data WILL be erased!**

Backing up your Favorites and Setup:

  1. Connect your VoiceLive Touch to VoiceSupport
  2. Click the Presets button at the top of the screen
  3. Click the big preset button in the middle of the screen to capture your current presets and setup data
  4. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen
  5. When it’s done getting your data, click the ARCHIVE button at the top of the screen
  6. A small window will pop up. Name your archive and click OK. This contains both your PRESETS and your SETUP data.
  7. Click the FIRMWARE button at the top of the screen.
  8. Select the top-most firmware release (1.2.00) and click YES when the “Firmware Update!” window pops up.
  9. Touch will flash UPDT while you wait for your device to accept the firmware and reboot. This may take several minutes. VoiceSupport will ask you to rescan, so go ahead and do that. Okay, now your unit is updated! Let’s move on to restoring your data.

Restoring Setup:

  1. After the upgrade, click on the Presets button on VoiceSupport’s top menu.
  2. Click the big button in the middle of the screen and wait for your data to load from Touch.
  3. Click on the Archive tab you created before the firmware upgrade. You MUST have the archive clicked in order to send the setup data correctly.
  4. Click “Send Setup”. This will send your setup data to the VoiceLive Touch. Done! One more step follows.

Restoring Favorites:

  1. If your archive tab is still highlighted proceed to the next step, if not, click it again.
  2. Drag the vertical scroll bars for both your archive and the upper Working Data windows to the bottom. In both windows, you’ll see a gap between the factory presets and the Favorites starting at number 276.
  3. In your archive window, hold Shift while you click on preset (Favorite) number 276 then preset 300. This will select all of your Favorites.
  4. Release Shift, click on preset 276 and drag it to preset 276 in the upper window
  5. When you let go of your mouse button, select COPY from the little pop-up menu. This will leave a copy of your backed up presets in the archive.
  6. Click Apply Changes.
  7. You’re done!

Note: if you’ve been adding to or re-arranging the presets 1-275, you can use the same method as described above to restore them after the upgrade.

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