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VoiceJam Version 1.2.50 – VoiceTone R1 now available as In-App purchase!

New In-App Purchase: Add shine to your voice with reverb modeled from VoiceTone R1. Choose from several different room simulations, from a clean studio sound to huge arena reverberations. 

VoiceJam adds R1 reverb


When coupled with hardtune and gender bending from the VoiceTone C1 In-App purchase, reverb takes that billboard-top-40 robotic extreme-pitch-corrected sound over the top!

Finally, don’t forget to try out the audio scrub feature and instant drum-machine like loop triggering by tapping or dragging on any part of the orbiting waveform when the drum icon is lit.

Besides adding R1, a lot of polishing went on under the hood. Most significantly, VoiceJam was heavily optimized to have a smaller memory footprint on your device.

Please note that the R1 is only available for iPhone 3GS or newer.

VoiceJam - TC-Helicon

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