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The Vocalist Studio announces European Master Classes in November

TC-Helicon proudly sponsors masterclasses in Europe throughout November.

Robert Lunte’s innovativeTVS Masterclass approach focuses on two skills with great expertise that all singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly bridge chest and head resonance and advanced head voice development to create a full and powerful formant.

Mr. Lunte and his International team of voice teachers are innovating newly emerging techniques required to train vocal effects such as vocal distortion and extreme scream pitch. TVS also covers the critical application of vocal modes, intrinsic anchoring and vowel modification to achieve a mastery of  the TVS “Bridging & Connecting” techniques, resulting in amazing range with complete vocal freedom and convincing, huge power.

This is training for “vocal athletes” and when you attend the “Training Vocal Athletes” Master Class, you will have an opportunity to learn these techniques and train private lessons with Robert Lunte and the world-class TVS Certified Instructor team; Alessandro del Vecchio, Anke Lopez, Stephanie DUMOUCH, Oliveir TRONQUET, Gabriele Gozzi, Randy Loran and Sergio Calafiura.

Mr. Lunte’s “Training Vocal Athletes Master Class” is unique in the industry because participants learn some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques in the world in a fun and exciting presentation that has become to be recognized as one of the most engaging vocal clinics in the industry today. Mr. Lunte will not only outline the TVS methodology for participants, but will also perform and demonstrate the techniques for participants via an original composition that is prepared especially for the tours. The TVS Master Class will clarify a lot of the confusion and bust the myths of what it really takes to learn to sing with amazing range and power.


The TVS Master Class & Training Will Cover:

Vocal Distortion

Learn 3 Kinds of Vocal Distortion to make your singing amazing!

Learn the world’s best known techniques for bridging the Passaggio and getting to the head voice made famous at TVS!  

Learn powerful “work flows” that help you to learn HOW to train the most the most difficult techniques!

Learn how “The Geometry of Vocal Technique” is making the confusion around vocal technique easy to understand!  

Power, Endurance and Consistent results taught by the most cutting-edge vocal instruction team on the planet! 



Coming to the “Training Vocal Athletes” Master Class will change the way you understand and approach singing forever. The TVS Master Class will be an event you will not forget!

Masterclasses are scheduled for France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland – check out all the details  HERE


For more information about TVS and their master classes check out the links below:




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