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TC-Helicon HarmonyControl guitar-to-MIDI pedal now shipping

Risskov, Denmark – January 17th 2008 – TC-Helicon announces the availability of HarmonyControl |Guitar, a revolutionarily simple pedal that lets guitarists control their vocal harmonies in real time via guitar-to-MIDI. The plug-and-play accessory is compatible with all TC-Helicon vocal harmony products and will also work with over 250,000 MIDI-equipped harmony devices already on the market. HarmonyControl is available at a suggested retail price of EUR 199.

The HarmonyControl pedal is easily integrated into any performance setup. Once a guitar is plugged into HarmonyControl, the guitar output allows it to integrate with other guitar pedals or an amplifier. With a MIDI cable between HarmonyControl and a harmony processor, the guitar chords controls the harmony voices.

The patent-pending algorithms in HarmonyControl analyze a guitar signal and produce MIDI note and control information specific to vocal harmony processors. Guitarists have the freedom to play as they normally would, while benefiting from musically correct harmonies from their MIDI-equipped vocal processor. Performing musicians who use TC-Helicon VoiceLive, VoiceWorks or VoiceWorksPlus get further harmony benefits through HarmonyControl’s unique control of Scale mode presets. A song’s key can be set from the guitar. If the musician doesn’t know the key, he can play the song and the correct key will be intelligently selected. Scale mode’s parallel harmonies are preserved as chord changes are sensed in real time so there is no need for song stepping or programming. The product is compatible with TC-Helicon vocal harmony products as well as older Vocalist® products with MIDI inputs.
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