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Serj Tankian – Featured Vocal Artist of the Month

Serj Tankian is the Featured Vocal Artist for August 2012!

Bio: A singer, poet, songwriter, activist, and composer; Serj Tankian has always created music as an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings with a level of passion and consciousness that few can rival. An Armenian immigrant born in Lebanon and re-rooted in Los Angeles, Serj is perhaps best known for his role as founding member and lead singer for System of a Down, but with three solo albums under his belt and two more currently in progress – not to mention a spatter of cool side projects – Serj is paving a remarkable path for music that is as diverse as it is exciting.

Serj’s latest solo album, “Harakiri” (July 2012) has served as the template for the 11 presets in this month’s Featured Artist pack. From big reverbs to distorted harmonies this is the full Serj Tankian experience coming at you – so you better get ready!

  1. Serj Corn 1 – Cornucopia
  2. Serj Corn 2 – Cornucopia
  3. Serj Figure – Figure It Out
  4. Serj Ching 1 – Ching Chime
  5. Serj Ching 2 – Ching Chime
  6. Serj Occupied – Occupied Tears
  7. Serj Deaf – Deafening Silence
  8. Serj Reality – Reality TV
  9. Serj Democracy – Uneducated Democracy
  10. Serj Weave – Weave On
  11. Serj Tyrant – Tyrant’s Gratitude


Preview Serj’s songs on iTunes!

Harakiri (Deluxe Version) - Serj Tankian


Presets are available for the following products via VoiceSupport:

  • VoiceLive Play
  • VoiceLive Play GTX
  • VoiceLive 2
  • VoiceLive Rack
  • VoiceLive Touch

Here’s how to get the presets:

  1. Hook up your TC-H device via USB to your computer
  2. Start VoiceSupport
  3. Click “Presets”, located in the top navigation bar
  4. Press the big button in the middle of the screen. It will take a moment to load
  5. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a list of available preset packs for your device
  6. Drag and drop the Serj Tankian presets into the area with the rest of your current presets (you can put them in a blank space or overwrite other presets)
  7. Press “Apply Changes” in the top-left
  8. You’re done!

If you need more help with VoiceSupport, you can get the manual HERE

This preset pack is the sixth in a series of free monthly Featured Vocal Artist updates. Look for more to come each and every month!


Learn MORE about Serj Tankian and VoiceLive Rack:

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