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VoiceOne Editor

VoiceOne editor

In a recording session, or preparing presets before a performance, a PC/Mac Editor for compatible TC-Helicon product is an efficient tool for editing and back-up. The editors are supplied free of charge by TC-Helicon.

Improvements in latest VoiceOne editor:

  • Completely ‘Re-Mastered’ GUI graphics that are sharp, clean and intuitive.
  • Processing block toggles added to the common header area to show and edit at a glance which effects are currently active.
  • Active toggle areas on main block modules restricted to upper bar – No more accidental toggling when editing other parameters.


  • A single intuitive editor GUI that edits presets, songs, banks and global setup data.
  • Updated VST-Plug-in functionality under the latest Sonar, Cubase and Ableton releases.
  • A complete PDF manual set (Quick-Start, User’s Guide, Data Management, Preferences Guide, VST Guide and Troubleshooting) integrated into the application under a dedicated Manuals menu.
  • Fully tested compatibility with Mac OSX Tiger, Leopard, XP and Vista, including operation under non-admin accounts.
  • Optional Set View, MIDI Event Monitor and Global Collection View features.
  • Crystal-sharp parameter fonts that are independent of the host operating system’s rendering system for maximum legibility.

The editors are developed and supported by Vyzor. Please visit their site for support. vyzor.com/support

VoiceOne Editor - Mac OS X (11.7 MiB)

VoiceOne Editor - Windows (10.1 MiB)


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