Instant Vocal Transformation

Create multiple voice personalities with TC-Helicon’s unique modeling technology. VoiceModeler for TC PowerCore can be subtle or extreme: Transform “male” into “Female” voices, enhance dull-sounding voices by adding breath or a “throaty” sound or go beyond by creating unheard-of effect voices. The research for TC-Helicon’s proprietary vocal processing technology has been ongoing since 1995. The research revolves around being able to detect and break apart the different aspects of the voice; the pitch and the character. TC-Helicon’s Voice Modeling™ algorithms allow you manipulate the voice like you would any other digital instrument.

  • Enhancement – for improving any performance in subtle ways – for example thickening a weak voice
  • Transformation – for altering the character or gender of a singer.
  • Doubling – for adding presence or a multi-voice effect to your vocals.
  • Vocal FX – for adding unique vocal sounds that help your mix stand out.

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VoiceModeler consists of six individually controllable VoiceModeling blocks:

  • Resonance: Modify the character or formants of a vocal.
  • Spectral: Voice Modeled EQ for shaping the overall performance
  • Breath: Add air, rasp or whisper effects to brighten-up vocals
  • Growl: Models constriction and vocal distortion
  • Inflection: Humanizes time and pitch for doubling effects as well as simple octave up/down pitch shift
  • Vibrato: Uses vibrato’s modeled from real singers to enhance or transform a vocal track.

Also included in the plug-in is a modulation block with three waveforms and preset storage and recall.

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