Sing, Loop, Share

New in version 1.3.5

What if you could create something musically amazing with just your voice? What if you didn’t need musical instruments, sheet music, or complicated recording software? What if you could create an entire song with your voice, simulating bass lines, melodies, rhythms and sound effects, all in one pass, without ever stopping to think about it?

If you answered “that would be freaking amazing”, then you need to download VoiceJam. VoiceJam is your access to performing, creating, and sharing amazing musical compositions.





  • Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with support for Retina Display
  • FREE VoiceTone C1 HardTune & Correction Vocal FX
  • FREE VoiceTone R1 Vocal Tuned Reverb FX
  • FREE VoiceTone E1 Echo & Delay FX
  • Undo, reverse, 2x, loop mixing, and instant re-triggering.
  • Performance Recorder
  • Share performances online with high definition SoundCloud uploading.
  • Easy to follow audio tutorial
  • Support for AudioCopy/Paste

Live Tutorial

Take the live tutorial and you can record and create loops for the first time. You start with the basics and by the end your creating music.

VoiceJam Main screen

Sharing & Saving

Each loop, including the six loop orbs, can be saved along with a performance recording of your entire session. Share with your friends by uploading your performance to Soundcloud.
VoiceJam Share screen


Performance Flyover

Touch the Wrench icon to bring up the performance flyover. This screen includes the loop mixer to non-destructively tweak the level of each loop, and offers other controls designed to aid artists during live performance.

Vocal Effects

VoiceJam emulates some of TC-Helicon’s most popular VoiceTone stompbox effect for FREE. VoiceTone C1 HardTune & Correction, R1 Vocal Tuned Reverb and E1 Echo & Delay allows everything from extreme auto pitch correction to multiple flavors of reverb.

App FX



Powerful Audio Looper

VoiceJam was created by TC-Helicon, the world’s #1 professional audio company dedicated 100% to the needs of singers. At the heart of VoiceJam is a powerful audio looper. An audio looper works by recording sounds you make while playing them back in a repeating loop. The cool thing is that as the loop repeats, you can keep layering new sound on top of it. You can harmonize yourself, add rhythms with your voice, record the sounds of random objects in your life – the possibilities are endless.

But that’s just the beginning. VoiceJam was designed from the ground up to be a live performance tool. You’ll be able to perform and record an entire masterpiece from scratch, using only the sounds you can create with your voice or with the objects in your world.For the best possible experience, grab a pair of headphones and let your creativity run wild.

Soundcloud Integration

Integrates easily with Soundcloud, the extremely popular service, where you can share your musical creations easily on all social communities.

VoiceJam vs. Traditional Looping

Traditional audio loopers constrain you to a single loop. While they often make it easy to build up a great phrase with each new layer and track, they never make it easy to go anywhere with the original idea. VoiceJam encourages you to expand outwards, giving you the tools to create a complete musical performance with all the dramatic structure of a fully mixed composition. It`s not about toying with small ideas, it`s about creating something truly great from the ground up.


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