Sennheiser e 835 fx

Sennheiser e 835 fx

e 835 fx descriptorWith e 835 fx Sennheiser has added our patent-applied-for Mic Control technology to its professional cardioid dynamic lead vocal microphone design. Now you can control our state-of-the-art vocal processors and multi-effects directly from your favorite Sennheiser mic, marking a new era for outstanding vocals and creative control.

  • Uniform on- and off-axis response
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Mic Control™ button allows you to control TC-Helicon vocal effects
  • Made in Germany


e 835 fx detail

Powerful Performance

The e 835 fx features a powerful sound with a presence boost for improved projection on stage. Its neodymium transducer magnet pushes output levels very high, making it possible to balance signals against higher levels of onstage amplification. The transducer can handle extremely high sound pressure levels in excess of 150 dB.

The mic’s shock-mount capsule has a cardioid pick-up pattern with good ambient noise and feedback rejection to enable greater signal levels to be delivered before feedback. The proximity effect of the cardioid pickup pattern is optimized for close vocal work, while the rugged mic construction with a die-cast zinc casing provides an optimum handling and weight profile.

Mic Control Compatible products

Mic Control – Live vocals re-imagined

Using the Mic Control button you are able to remotely control all supported TC-Helicon vocal effects units*, enabling multiple actions like switching presets, toggle looping, turning effects and other functions ON/OFF, or bypassing. In short, Mic Control means that you’re free to roam the stage while remaining in full control of your performance.

So Many Options

Below you’ll find a brief overview of what functions you can control with Mic Control using your Sennheiser e 835 fx microphone and a supported
TC-Helicon vocal processor. For more info on Mic Control, please visit

  • VoiceLive® Touch: controls looping, single or multiple effects on/off, Talk and Favorite selection.
  • VoiceLive Touch 2 : toggles Hit (multiple FX on/off), tap tempo, Talk, looping, Favorites and Harmony Hold.
  • VoiceLive Rack : sets Bypass, individual effect on/off, tap tempo, Harmony Hold.
  • VoiceLive 2: remote control of the single button looper or any Shortcut in VoiceLive 2.
  • VoiceLive Play: HIT, presets, looping, bypass
  • VoiceLive Play GTX: HIT, presets, looping, bypass
  • Mic Mechanic: turn effects on and off.
  • VoiceTone Harmony-G XT: turn your harmonies on and off for the verse or chorus.
  • VoiceTone Create XT: bypass the effects when it’s time to talk to the audience.
  • VoiceTone Synth: add the HardTune or Vocoding effect on single words or phrases with ease.
  • VoiceTone Singles: chain the pedals together and set up Mic Control to turn HardTune and Doubling on and off – leaving your reverb and tone settings unchanged for example.

*may require free firmware update.


Joining Forces

The e 835 fx microphone is the first result of a partnership between TC-Helicon and Sennheiser to provide one-stop solutions for singers and give you professional performance tools that make a difference.

  • Learn more about our cooperation with Sennheiser at
  • The e 835 fx is available via Sennheiser. Check with your local retailer for purchase details.

Bundles of Joy

If the microphone is your personal tool then vocal effects are what makes your performance come alive. Singers deserve the full package, so we’ve bundled Sennheiser’s e 835 fx microphone with our popular vocal multi-effects and Harmony units VoiceLive Play and VoiceLive Play GTX to give you exactly that. It has never been easier to sound amazing on stage.

VoiceLive Play with Sennheiser e 835 fxVoiceLive Play GTX with Sennheiser e 835 fx

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