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New – VoiceJam 1.1 – You Sang. We Listened.

VoiceJam iOS app - vocal looping for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

VoiceJam has been helping singers instantly create vocal loop performances for a month. We’ve been listening to your SoundCloud posts and your great feedback. Please keep it coming!

Version 1.1 is available now with the following improvements and new features:

- Implemented AudioCopy and AudioPaste for transferring audio to and from 3rd party audio applications. Visit Sonoma Wireworks for more details.

- Added dry mute override for our customers performing live through PA systems to live audiences.

- Added a record layer fade amount. This allows you to choose to fade out the old loop audio faster or slower as you layer new audio on top.

- Switched iPhone devices to use the main speaker instead of the receiver speaker when not using headphones. This means much higher volume without headphones (so watch out for feedback when you are loop layering!). Headphones are still the best way to use VoiceJam.

- Fixed problems with older devices and iOS 3.1.3 crashing, especially on pressing the info button or saving.

- The tape icon now shows a blue dot for existing recordings to help reduce accidental overwrites.

VoiceJam - TC-Helicon

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