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More Play – Free upgrade for VoiceLive Play and Play GTX

We’re proud to announce the “More Play – Direct Effects Control & Preset Mega-Pack”, a free firmware update to VoiceLive Play and Play GTX offering more presets, more looping time and more control.

You spoke and we listened. Since we released VoiceLive Play in January it has become one of our most popular units, and you’ve had tons of feedback for us on how to improve the functionality of it and its big brother, VoiceLive Play GTX. The requests have been many but most have revolved around adding more control, more looping time, and more presets to the machine. So, we have done just that.

More presets
A whopping 500 new presets awaits in our biggest preset pack ever. Covering all styles and genres, it should be enough to keep any singer happy for a long, long time. Discover your sound via the songs you like, or go on a random walk of presets for inspiration.

More looping
Everyone likes to loop, so we’ve expanded the original 15 seconds of looping to a full 60 seconds, still with infinite overdubs, of course. Extra looping time requires Mono output mode and “undo” off.

More control
Add a Switch-3 pedal to your VoiceLive Play or Play GTX and you’ve got an entirely different beast at your feet. Direct access to looping, tap tempo, guitar boost (only on Play GTX), on/off control of all effects with momentary options for harmony and delay, custom programming of the footswitches, and more, means no compromise and no holds barred when performing live. With this update adding the Switch-3 makes all the difference.

How to get the update
Just connect your Play unit to your computer via the supplied USB cable and fire up the VoiceSupport app to 1) update the firmware and 2) start draggin’ and droppin’ the presets to your Play or Play GTX unit. Switch-3 is sold separately.

Since the preset pack is so large, we suggest selecting presets individually and moving them to your device.

The episode of Craig’s Corner below suggests some ways to manage the large preset pack within VoiceSupport.


With such a large group of presets we thought you could use a list to find what you’re looking for. There are 3 columns showing: Original Artist, Original Title, Preset Name.

Download the More Play A-Z Preset List HERE

If you need help on how to use VoiceSupport you can download the manual HERE.

Update Features:

  • 500 new factory presets
  • 60 seconds of looping time
  • Expanded control options with Switch-3:

– On/off control of all effects
– Direct access to tap tempo
– Guitar boost for Play GTX
– Custom programming of switch functions
– Momentary delays and harmonies mode

  • Footswitches now increment/decrement Tap Tempo when Tap window is active (press/hold to scroll)
  • Reduced 2-button (enter loop or set key mode) hold time based on user suggestion
  • Added guitar Reverb decay parameter
  • Added Delay “filter styles” to guitar
  • Added uMod speed control for voice
  • Added low-cut filter to RoomSense mics to improve performance/clarity in bass-heavy environments (adjustable in setup menu)

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed Harmony Key/Scale not applied to HardTune “CorrectNatural” style
  • fixed preset naming bug that would replace deleted characters incorrectly
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