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Michele Adamson

Michele Adamson
From producer to performer, Michele Adamson is at the top of her game. Here she tells us how TC-Helicon offers her all the support she needs when singing live…

Michele Adamson is heavily involved at the cutting edge of Dance music and has managed to carve out a unique presence both as a performer and producer. One day she might be performing her unique Electro Live show at Pasha while the next she could be recording her distinct and mesmerizing vocals with a variety of top-named producers.

With a unique and inspiring background it’s no surprise to find Michele equally at home writing, performing, DJ-ing or producing. If you can dance to it, you can almost guarantee that Michele will be involved at some stage or other! Michele has performed her ‘PsyVocal’ Trance, Electro and Chill-out live shows in countries in the Far and Middle East, Europe, the US, South America, Russia and Australia. She has lent her vocal talents to numerous recordings and she can be heard on many compilation and esteemed artist albums including Shpongle’s Tales Of The Inexpressible, Alan Parsons’ A Valid Path, Younger Brother’s Flock of Bleeps, and Infected Mushroom’s Converting Vegetarians. She has also collaborated with many other artists including Astrix, Dino Psaras, GMS, Sub6, Spacecat and Perplex.

As a solo producer she’s also been busy. Her debut album, Fallen Angel, was released in 2005 with worldwide success and was followed by a Trance compilation with Fineplay in Japan. Michele is currently touring to support her second album, Strange Arrangements, but she still managed to find time to tell us about her musical set-up, in particular her beloved TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 which she uses to great effect. In fact using vocal effects is nothing new and for some time she has been fascinated by how they can add to her performance…

“In 2001 whilst working in the Hallucinogen Soundlab,” she recalls, “we tripped over some amazing triggers of the Antares vocoder plug-in he had on his computer. Also then with Melodyne, I learned about formants and how you could change the timbre and tone without losing the note. I’m fascinated by the results produced by machines triggered by something so unquantifiable and wholly analogue as the human voice.”

“As a notorious gear head,” she continues, “I am always on the lookout for new ways to play with machines and I was overjoyed when I found TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive online. It cost my entire fee at the time but paid for itself in the first five minutes of the following show! It gave me confidence to experiment and relief that I no longer had to rely on befriending a new sound guy at every venue. Helicon pedals put control under your boots and fingertips, never answer back and are hardier than the toughest of sound engineers!”

The TC-Helicon relationship has continued and now Michele is the proud owner of a VoiceLive 2 which she is using on her current tour. So how is it shaping up?

“When I’m singing against a pounding four-on-the-floor kick and bass,” she says, “it really helps to have strong compression, reverb and delay, all with easy access to turning them off and on with the programmable shortcut function. Also, when the vocals feature more predominantly and the BPM is a touch lower, the VoiceLive 2 allows me to use my voice as a synth with extreme effects and the selective tuning functions. It also offers a lush, warm and relatively dry sound for my Chill-out set.”

So what are Michele’s favorite VoiceLive 2 features?

“Compared to the classic TC-Helicon VoiceLive,” she replies, “I would have to say the easy interface, the smaller dimensions of the box, its portability and the space to save new presets without overwriting. I also like the high visibility backlit screen, not to mention the extra knobs!”

Finally Michele has plenty of advice to anyone else wanting to succeed as she has in music…

“Love it!” she states simply. “People who love it, love to see other people who love it loving it! There are plenty of elements in the music industry that will get you down but even with them all added together, it’s not a patch on the joy the language of music can bring you in a split second. Stick with it, love and believe in yourself and if all else fails become intimately acquainted with technology. A little soul can become a behemoth of perfect power with the right machines!”

Michele’s second album, Strange Arrangements, is out now.

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