What is Mic Control?

Mic Control™ is a patented technology invented by TC-Helicon. Designed for modern vocal performance and singers demanding more control and flexibility. Mic Control-enabled microphones allow you to use and control our studio quality vocal processing from anywhere on stage. So far the technology has been been implemented as simple one-button solutions on Sennheiser’s extremely popular e 835 fx Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone and our MP-75 Modern Vocal Performance Microphone. In addition, both mics offer superior off-axis noise rejection and frequency response patterns specifically designed for vocals and modern performance demands.

Why Is Mic Control Important?

The microphone is the singer’s – your – personal tool, it is as integral to the performance as the voice itself. Vocal effects are part of what takes it to the next level. Like having your own professional sound engineer TC-Helicon units give you easy access to the sounds of your favorite recording artists – live, on stage. Lush reverbs, perfectly timed delays, old-time radio transducer sounds, contemporary HardTuning, and out-of-this-world backing Harmonies, you got it, and more. With Mic Control you’re free to roam the stage while still remaining in full control of your performance.

Microphones with Mic Control function

VoiceLive 3 - Mic Control - Sennheiser e 835 FXVoiceLive 3 - Mic Control - MP-75

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