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Long Echo & Delay | Making Hit Vocals – EPISODE 6

TC-Helicon presents a video series that showcases the creative process in Making Hit Vocals live. Laura Clapp and Tom Lang bring you hooks, harmonies and various vocal ear-candy and reveal what effects are used and how they are tweaked.

Scroll to the end of the post to get these effects using VoiceLive 2, VoiceTone Create XT and VoiceLive Touch.

EPISODE 6: Long Echo & Delay
Beyoncé’s hit track If I Were A Boy has one of the best examples of tap tempo controlled, long echo or delay. Laura demonstrates how to add a signature effect to ballads by engaging a long echo on a phrase.

VoiceLive 2
To get the exact preset for this demo, recall Preset 150 – If I Were a Boy. If you’re running firmware version 1.2 or later press and hold the DELAY switch, and then tap the tempo of the song.

VoiceTone Create XT
Here are the steps to produce a similar sound with Create XT.
1. Turn the DELAY block on
2. Press and hold the RIGHT footswitch, then tap in a delay time
3. Press the TWEAK button to select DELAY
4. Turn the TWEAK knob to the left to reduce the feedback

VoiceLive Touch
To get the exact preset for this demo, recall Preset 150 – If I Were a Boy. To set the tempo:
1. Press and hold the DELAY button
2. Tap the DELAY button to set the tempo

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