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Katatonia lead singer has gone with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2

Katatonia lead singer has gone with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2Jonas Renkse (born May 19, 1975), is a founding member and the lead singer of the band Katatonia. In addition, he played the drums for the band from its founding in 1991 through the band’s 1998 album Discouraged Ones. Early in his career with the band, he used the names Lord Seth and Lord J. Renkse.
Lead singer of KatatoniaRenkse was also a member of the band October Tide, releasing albums in 1997 (Rain Without End) and 1999 (Grey Dawn), and is also currently the bassist for Bloodbath. He has recently contributed vocals to the latest Ayreon album, 01011001, along with a number of other guest singers. His contribution to 01011001 includes his clean singing style, as featured on recent Katatonia albums, along with some death growls. He also provided vocals for the chorus of the song The Justice of Suffering by Finnish Doom Metal band Swallow The Sun and for the song The Nearing Grave on the latest album Avoid The Light by a German post-rock band Long Distance Calling.

More recently Renkse guested on the song “Ascending” by black metal band Pantheon I, on their album 2009 Worlds I Create.

Renkse’s lyrics contain dark subject matter, often relating to isolation and a general incompatibility with society and human conventions.

Renkse has gone with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 as his tool of choice for vocal harmony and effects.

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