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Juliet Rusell – Make Your Voice Stand Out

She’s coached Grammy award winners, Brit nominees and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice.

Since Juliet Russell has listened to, literally, tens of thousands of vocalists, we asked her to tell us what really makes a voice stand out:

There are a few things – I think a lovely, “listenable-to” tone OR a very distinctive tone is probably the first thing the ear is drawn to.

Even the first couple of notes can make you prick up your ears and excited for what’s about to unfold.

Individuality and vocal character is key. Most major recording artists have a signature vocal sound.

You know who it is as soon as they start to sing.

Technique is important – from rhythm and phrasing to good intonation, and the creativity that comes from understanding our own individual vocal strengths and characteristics.

From a care and maintenance point of view, it is important to know your own voice well so it serves you for a lifetime of performance.

Beliveability is No. 1

Probably the most elevating thing, for me, is emotional connection.

You want the singer to be believable and to really tell the story of the song or really capture the mood of the song.

Expression, interpretation and authenticity are a massive part of excellence.

I want to really feel it and that the singer is feeling it too.

Technology Is Part Of It

Early on in my career I did a sound engineering course, just so I could understand what was going on in a recording studio and with a live mixing desk.

I wanted to be able to communicate with producers and engineers to explain what I wanted and what I felt suited my vocals and songs.

That’s why I think it’s fantastic how TC-Helicon is making effects so accessible for singers everywhere.

It’s important that singers have an understanding of what technology has to offer and to have control of the means of production in live and recording situations.

The accessibility and creative possibilities that advances in technology have brought makes this such an exciting time for singers and song writers – and TC-Helicon is working in such an important area.

Knowing how to make technology work for you and to have products that are easy to use and explore is essential.

Juliet Russell is a singer, composer and vocal coach. She has coached Grammy award winners, Brit nominees and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice. She has performed with Damon Albarn, Imogen Heap, Paloma Faith and Ringo Starr and written music for film, television and radio. Juliet is passionate about supporting individuals and communities to explore their voices and creativity.
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