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Vocal Group Harmonies | Making Hit Vocals – EPISODE 2

TC-Helicon presents a video series that showcases the creative process in Making Hit Vocals live. Laura Clapp and Tom Lang bring your hooks, harmonies and various vocal ear-candy and reveal what effects are used and how they are tweaked.

Scroll to the end of the post to get these effects using VoiceTone Harmony-G XT and VoiceLive 2.

EPISODE 1: Group Vocal Harmonies
Laura Clapp demonstrates the live production of group vocal harmonies with Break Me Out by The Rescues. In the studio each part in a group harmony is recorded by a different singer. In this episode of TC-Helicon’s Making Hit Vocals the effect is produced live with a harmony processor by manipulating gender and humanization.

VoiceLive 2
Download one of the presets below to try out group harmonies. There is a version of the preset for female singer and another for male. This is exactly what Laura brings up in the video – how the voices arranged depends on the range of your voice. Each preset has two steps. The first step has a single harmony (low for female, high for male). The second step has two harmony voices (low and lower for female, high and low for male).

DOWNLOAD – Preset 315 – Break Me Out for female vocal – VoiceLive 2 Preset (on Mac, please drag or copy the link into your web browser)

DOWNLOAD - Preset 316 – Break Me Out for male vocal – VoiceLive 2 Preset (on Mac, please drag or copy the link into your web browser)

VoiceTone Harmony-G XT
Creating this song is simple on Harmony-G XT. Follow the steps below:

1. Select Preset 1 A

2. Set effect to Hall

2. Set Voice 1 to Low (if you are a female singer) or High (if you are a male singer)

3. Preset and hold preset to store

4. Select preset 1B

5. add Voice 2, set to Lower (if you are a female singer) or Low (if you are a male singer)

6. Store preset 1B

Now you can switch between the two parts of the song.

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