• Innovative looping & song creation app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Stunning TC-Helicon Vocal FX Included: Reverb, Echo, Delay, HardTune & Correction
  • Share performances online with high definition SoundCloud uploading.

Create like never before

What if you could create an entire song with your voice, simulating bass lines, melodies, rhythms and sound effects, all in one pass, without ever stopping to think about it? VoiceJam makes it happen. And it’s wrapped up in an innovative & intuitive interface that makes it easy to build, perform and share your amazing musical compositions.

Watch it work

We brought some singers into the office who had never seen VoiceJam before. Then we took just a few minutes to explain how it worked before moving right into filming each one creating their first song. Here’s what they pulled off – in a matter of minutes...


Think big

VoiceJam was designed from the ground up to take you from inspirational songwriting straight to performance and sharing. For the best possible experience, grab a pair of headphones and let your creativity run wild.  Select TC-Helicon vocal effects and use innovative looping features to make your music shine. When you’re ready, share your creation through SoundCloud.

Mobile Performance Looper

At the heart of VoiceJam is a powerful audio looper. An audio looper works by recording sounds you make while playing them back in a repeating loop. The cool thing is that as the loop repeats, you can keep layering new sounds on top of it to create intricate music. VoiceJam gives you up to 6 loops on the fly – you can mix these or copy them at will. You can watch the creator himself show off some of the cool features...


Looping Features

  • Record up to 6 loops on the fly
  • Instant 2X – allows you to double a loop to create longer loops on top
  • Instant Reverse for dramatic & other-worldly sounds
  • Shots Mode for instant triggering of your loops like samples on a drum pad
  • Eraser for silencing a loop, but keep it playing
  • Flexible Recording – to record any loop, any time & sharing it with others

Sing, Loop & Share

  1. Switch between 6 loops on the fly, mixing or copying between them at will.
  2. Save your work and share it to Soundcloud.
  3. Watch your sound take shape on the stunning graphical interface.
  4. Looping features include Instant Undo-Redo, Instant Reverse and Shots Mode.

Take a peek at its power

We were really amazed at what Doug Bako did spontaneously with his Ed Sheeran cover. He was just using the built-in mic in his phone and wasn’t even using headphones. Then check out Dave Wallace’s polished production where he used VoiceJam ‘s full sonic possibilities...


What They Say...

“Truly a must have for the musicians’ toy box...write bass lines, vocal harmonies and melodies to develop your evolving songs and shape your music.”

“VoiceJam is simple to use, partly because it includes a great, step-by-step tutorial that is sorely lacking on many other sophisticated music apps. Think of it as an a cappella studio that lets you record loops and build layers of beats and harmonies over the existing recording.”

-The New York Times

“This is really handy if you have a tune in your head – you can record it, save it and then go to the next level and add harmonies.”