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Introducing Ditto Mic Looper


Who says looping is supposed to be difficult? With Ditto Mic Looper you will have a stunning performance up and running in a matter of seconds – just watch as Whitney Myer, Tom Lang, and Craig put on a live performance with vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, and violin! One knob. Two buttons. Simple as that. […]

Guitar & Headphone Cable – a new way to play!


The combined Guitar & Headphone Cable is a nifty little invention that will make in-ear monitoring and practicing so much easier, cheap and fun. It facilitates headphone monitoring and guitar connection in a single simple plug-and-play experience, allowing ample freedom to move while you rock out in practice or performance. Main Features A combined 1/4″ […]

VoiceLive 3

VoiceLive 3 - 3iC platform

VoiceLive 3 is the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping. First off, TC-Helicon Product manager, Tom Lang, takes you on a tour of all the main features. Also included in the playlist is a Preset Showcase, Tech demos, and more!   –> Learn MORE about VoiceLive 3

VoiceSolo FX150


TC-Helicon Product manager, Tom Lang, tells about VoiceSolo FX150: The new all-in-one personal PA, vocal monitor, instrument amplifier and vocal reverb unit that gives you MORE YOU!   –> Learn MORE about VoiceSolo FX150

Harmony Singer – In Depth with Tom Lang

Harmony Singer

Tom Lang discusses the Harmony Singer in this demo/tutorial video. He explains all of the features of the unit, with recommendations for connection to your PA. There’s also several audio examples of the effects. The ensuing playlist contains showcases/demos from Clara C, Søren Andersen, Mika Vandborg, and more!   –> Learn MORE about Harmony Singer […]

VoiceLive Touch 2 – Things To Know

VoiceLive Touch 2 - Things To Know

Tom Lang gives an overview of VoiceLive Touch 2. Playlist also contains a wealth of demos/showcases from Georgia Murray, Emma Hewitt, Gavin Castleton, Mike Patton, and more! New features for VoiceLive Touch 2 include: SliderFX for real-time vocal and loop effects 300 fully customizable presets 9 Direct-Access Favorite buttons 6 Track Multi-Track looper MIDI Sync […]

Mic Mechanic Quick Start Video

Mic Mechanic

We’ve just released a video Quick Start Guide for Mic Mechanic. It covers all of the features and operation, with some connection tips as well. If you own a Mic Mechanic, or are thinking about buying one, this is a great video to get you going!  

Introducing Mic Mechanic

VoiceTone Mic Mechanic

Vocal stompbox for instant Reverb, Delay, Pitch Correction and Tone. Mic Mechanic gives you a complete vocal toolbox in a compact, easy-to-use pedal. Take it anywhere and always sound your best. Mic Mechanic

VoiceLive Play – 10 Things to Know

VoiceLive Play - 10 Things to Know

Whether you’re at the top of the charts — or just a dreamer with a microphone, VoiceLive Play gives you hundreds of song & artist presets to choose from, helping you create amazing vocals. Plug in your MP3 player and sing along with your favorite tracks or create instant HIT effects for your own songs.

VoiceLive Play – First Impressions with Georgia Murray

VoiceLive Play - First impressions with Georgia Murray

Georgia Murray shares her first impressions after trying out VoiceLive Play on one of her original tunes.

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