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Me Myself And I – Voice Controlled Music

MM&I on Chair

Me Myself and I refer to their style as simply “voice controlled music”. It seems to be an extremely appropriate description as with the aid of their TC-Helicon products they can regularly use more than 10 additional voices as harmony or doubles live! After a series of experiments with different effects and vocal processors they’ve established their own system where TC-Helicon gear plays a major part. “At the moment we currently use 3 separate Voice Live 2’s on stage, some of the Voice Tone effects such as Correct and the good old Voice Works which Michael uses for his synth bass part. Recently, we’ve also decided to use VoiceLive Touch for solo looping and improvisation. We definitely stretch the products to their limits.”

TC-Helicon updates software editors for vocal processors

TC-Helicon announces updates to the free software editors it provides for use with its VoiceLive, VoiceWorks, VoiceWorksPlus, VoiceDoubler, VoiceOne and VoicePro vocal processors.

TC-Helicon announces PC/Mac editors for voice products

TC-Helicon, world-leader in vocal processing technology, announces free downloadable software editors for current and new VoiceWorks, VoiceLive, VoiceOne 2.0 and VoicePro customers.

Tom Lang realizes new CD with TC-Helicon

Tom Lang

The title track from Tom’s new album, Waiting For The Big One contains a mixture of real and virtual harmonies courtesy of VoiceWorks.

VoiceWorks review – KEYBOARD – BEST BUY AWARD


Very good mic preamp. Organic-sounding harmonies and pitch correction. Excellent user interface. Song Mode is a boon for live use.

VoiceWorks Review – Sound On Sound


If the idea of having all these tools — preamp, pitch-correction, harmony processing and effects – in a single box appeals to you, then the Voice Works does as good a job as anything else you can buy, with the absolute minimum of complexity and at a very attractive UK price.

TC-Helicon announces next generation harmony processors

TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies is pleased to announce the release of two new vocal harmony processors, the TC-Helicon VoiceWorks and the TC-Helicon Quintet.

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