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News Roundup Jan 13, 2014: VoiceLive 3 videos | Guitar World first ever vocal pedal review | User video of the week

VoiceLive 3 - 3iC platform

News from the week of Jan 6-12, 2014. VoiceLive 3 Launched! This is the big one – the one so many of you have been waiting and asking for: VoiceLive 3! Going leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor – the acclaimed #1 best-seller, VoiceLive 2 – VoiceLive 3 introduces next generation hardware processing and a […]

90 seconds could win you a MP-75 microphone!

90 seconds or less...

We’re shooting a new TC-Helicon branding video and we need YOUR help! Submit a Youtube video – 90 seconds or less – of you demoing your favorite preset (factory or custom) and say what you like most about the TC-Helicon product you use. That’s it! And here comes the good part: if your clip is […]

Product Comparison Tool Now Available!


Our web development team has been hard at work creating a Product Comparison tool!   We’ve got a lot of devices, with lots of different features and effects. That’s a good thing, but choosing the device that best suits your needs can be daunting. This tool is designed to let you compare up to three […]

Teaching the Voice – with Gear.

Jeannie Deva with TC-Helicon MP-75

Renowned coach Jeannie Deva uses TC-Helicon technology when she teaches. Jeannie Deva has long explored the singer’s voice. Her years of research into the voice and the challenges of singing contemporary genres resulted in her voice training method known as The Deva Method®, Complete Voice Training for Stage and Studio™. But Jeannie has been equally […]

TC-Helicon Introduces VoiceLive Play – A Compact Vocal Wonder for All Singers

VoiceLive Play

VoiceLive Play is a new take on a compact multi effects unit for singers, but it is also so much more. Obviously it is packed with TC-Helicon’s pro-level effects tailored specifically for vocalists and state-of-the-art harmony processing yet it is in the details where ’Play’ really shines. Basically, singers will be catered to as if a dedicated vocal producer was sitting inside the box, always ready to fulfill their every wish and follow their slightest move.

Tommy DeCarlo – Falling in Love with TC-Helicon


I wouldn’t necessarily say that my TC-Helicon products have changed the way I work but they’ve definitely made my work a lot more fun and easy. Just scrolling through the presets on the Voice Live 2 alone has given me new ideas not only for my current and future projects but for past projects as well. The Voice Live 2 & Voice Tone units open up so many possibilities. Where I once used to cringe at the thought of coming up with vocal harmony parts for a particular song, I now look forward to that aspect of it with the help of the Voice Live 2.

Tone, Harmony & Reverb – Total Control with VoiceTone Singles

Singles bundle pack

A short demo video showing the VoiceTone Singles T1, H1 and R1. The VoiceTone Singles line is a great, affordable way to take control of your vocal sound and add some awesome effects too!

The Vocalist’s Ultimate Live Rig Competition Ft. Singing Success


Every vocalist knows that having great singing technique is an important part of their craft, but having killer sound and effects to support, capture, enhance and deliver your vocal sound on the live stage is another aspect entirely. You can be the best singer in the world, but sadly this is of no use if your voice isn’t being delivered to your audience’s ears in the best way possible.

Brett Manning – Singing Success

Brett Manning

TC-Helicon recently had the opportunity to catch up with Singing Success’s Brett Manning for a discussion about life, music and his thoughts about being a singing teacher. “I was born in Oregon and moved to Utah when I was three. I married when I was 25 and moved to California, and then back to Utah. […]

What’s hot – MusikMesse Frankfurt 2011

VoiceTone Singles

TC-Helicon is continuing its commitment to performance vocal effects by introducing three new vocal effect stompboxes to the VoiceTone Singles line. Sing Hello to VoiceTone H1, VoiceTone E1 & VoiceTone X1

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