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TC-Helicon ships VoiceSolo XT series

Due to rapid acceptance of VoiceSolo as a respected solution for monitoring vocals, TC-Helicon has released a sonic upgrade to its VoiceSolo line of personal vocal monitors.

TC-Helicon VoiceSolo 30 day free rrial campaign extended to June 2007

TC-Helicon, world-leading designer of vocal products, has announced a 30 day money back guarantee on all VoiceSolo purchases is extended to June 30th 2007.

TC-Helicon releases VoiceSolo near-field monitors

TC-Helicon is excited to announce the immediate availability of a new range of simple setup compact monitors mountable on standard microphone boom stands eliminating the need for bulky floor monitors.

TC-Helicon announces VoiceSolo for optimum monitoring

TC-Helicon, world-leading designer of vocal products, today introduced a refined and innovative approach to personal vocal monitoring.

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