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Overcome Your Stylistic Fear

Lisa Popeil

Lisa Popeil urges singers to play with their voice – and their gear. As I work with singers all over the world, one of the fears that comes up is ‘stylistic fear’: “I’m a rock singer who wants to sound more soulful,” or “I’m a pop singer who wants to sound more country”. Or, simply, […]

VoiceLive Touch 2 – “All our presets are belong to you…”


Over 500 presets? Yes please! After turning the appropriate valves and flipping the various switches, we’ve managed to convert all of our previous preset packs for you to use with your VoiceLive Touch 2! This release incorporates our 500 preset Mega-Pack, genre/era based theme packs and Featured Vocal Artist releases.   To get the new […]

Josie Charlwood – Making It By Herself

Josie Charlwood

Josie Charlwood is an incredibly gifted young musician. A singer, a multi-instrumentalist, a confident loop artist, her performances and compositions showcase a rare combination of skills which combined with her raw natural talent has brought her to wide attention and earned her a huge following on Youtube and similar social channels for musicians. When you […]

Cakka Nuraga – From Indonesia With Love

Cakka Nuraga

Introducing Cakka Nuraga: Indonesian Star on the Rise. Cakka is a promising artist from Indonesia. His vitalising vocal sound, infectious melodic hooks, and convincing live performance have made him a huge success among audiences across the nation. TC-Helicon has interviewed the young artist with the fresh voice about his musical background and gear use. Despite […]

VoiceLive Play and Play GTX – Firmware Update


You’ve probably heard that TC-Helicon has teamed up with Sennheiser to put our fantastic Mic Control functionality into their e 835 mic. If you’re a VoiceLive Play or Play GTX owner, you can now select the e 835 fx mic on your input screen. In addition to adding the e 835 fx to our input […]

Mic Mechanic – Firmware Update 1.0.02 Released

Mic Mechanic

Mic Mechanic Firmware Update 1.0.02 Released   Thanks to our friends at, who did a great German language review of Mic Mechanic, it was brought to our attention that some audio errors could occur when whistling into the unit. We’ve since corrected the issue and have released a small firmware update. In addition to […]

NAMM 2013

VoiceLive Play GTX / Sennheiser e 835 fx Bundle TC-Helicon has initiated a business partnership with Sennheiser, and at NAMM, with two new bundles that includes either a VoiceLive Play or a VoiceLive Play GTX in combination with a Sennheiser e 835 fx. Learn More About VoiceLive Play with Sennheiser e 835 fx Learn More […]

Juliet Rusell – Make Your Voice Stand Out

Juliet Russell nature

She’s coached Grammy award winners, Brit nominees and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice. Since Juliet Russell has listened to, literally, tens of thousands of vocalists, we asked her to tell us what really makes a voice stand out: There are a few things – I think a lovely, “listenable-to” […]

Christmas Comes Early: 500 FREE presets for VoiceLive 2, Touch and Rack

500 Presets

One thing is for certain, the Holidays are going to be a whole lot more fun this year! As an early Christmas present to you, we’re giving away 500 new and FREE artists and genre presets for all users of VoiceLive 2, Touch and Rack. In November we released the preset mega-pack “More Play” for […]

Featured Vocal Artist of the Month – Kimbra

Kimbra - featured vocal artist December 2012

Kimbra is the Featured Vocal Artist for December 2012! Bio: Eclectic, wild and with a voice to bring down the sky, Kiwi songstress Kimbra is hard to define and impossible keep down. Storming the stages and charts worldwide her music is like a spiked lollipop, shifting its flavors from heart-breaking sweetness to kick-in-the-gut bitterness at […]

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