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VoiceLive 2 Software Update – version 1.0.10

We are pleased to announce the first software update for VoiceLive 2. This software upgrade adds 2 new features, 6 improvements and 10 fixes to minor issues. The upgrade is available through the VoiceSupport application.

VoiceLive 2 Tips – June 2009

Now that VoiceLive 2 is being used by singers around the world, we have gathered some tips and tricks by talking with many people using the product. Check out the tips for June.

VoiceLive 2 – User's Manual

We are pleased to offer the english version of the VoiceLive 2 User Manual. This is a PDF manual that augments the printed manual included with VoiceLive 2. The User Manual includes the Basics section and the Details section in one searchable PDF. The manual has been sent to translators and multi-language versions will be […]

Upgrade Now! New version of VoiceSupport Application

VoiceLive 2, VoiceTone Synth, Harmoy-G XT and Create XT ship with version 1.0.0 of the VoiceSupport application. A new updated version is available that includes improvements to the Backup feature. VoiceSupport is the best way to keep your USB enabled TC-Helicon product connected with new software, tips and tricks. 

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 now shipping

Victoria BC, Canada 26th May 2009. TC-Helicon today announces its ground-breaking VoiceLive 2 harmony and effects processor is now shipping. VoiceLive 2 is a floor-based vocal processor that contains the effects necessary to produce vocal sound from the past, present and well into the future. Vocal processing aficionados have been following the final stages of development […]

VoiceLive 2 in warehouses

The first batch of VoiceLive 2 units with final software have started arriving at our warehouses. Now they get split up for shipments to stores and distributors. It’s tough to say exactly which country will see them first, but within a week, units will have left our warehouses to most major markets in the world. […]

3 nighter w/VoiceLive 2 – Yeah!

Just did 3 nights in a downtown club with VoiceLive2. It’s so cool when you get time to use the product you’ve been developing in the heat of performance, especially when the assumptions we made on improvements to the previous VoiceLive turn out to be actual improvements in the real world of gigging!

VoiceLive 2 – Essentials Manual

Here are links to the PDF version of the Essentials Manuals that are included in printed form with VoiceLive 2.

Real-life Beta testing of VoiceLive 2

Brian Stevenson, a frequent commenter on this blog, made his plea for beta testing a VoiceLive 2 and we delivered. He’s been taking a beta VoiceLive 2 for a spin for a few days. You can check out his thoughts and comments at his blog We had some teething issues with software update on his […]

VoiceLive 2 beta units getting gigs

Thought some of you would be interested to follow the lives of some VoiceLive 2 beta units.

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