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VoiceTone Synth Meets a Volcano

We premiered a prototype of VoiceTone Synth at Musikmesse in Frankfurt last week – but it ended up being delayed by two days. Why? Couldn’t have seen this one coming, but the eruption of Mount Redoubt in Alaska closed an airport in Anchorage which delayed our shipment of the VoiceTone Synth lens.

Step Mode Demo with VoiceLive 2

Laura Clapp shows some practical use of step mode. The example also includes stacked harmonies, doubling and a bit of choir.

Wait for it….live demo of VoiceLive 2

Ok, we’ve made you wait patiently to hear live demos of VoiceLive 2. Here’s product specialist/songwriter Laura Clapp demonstrating VoiceLive 2 at Musikmesse 2009 in Frankfurt.

TC-Helicon announce VoiceTone Synth – radical vocal processing in a pedal

Incredible new vocal processing pedal from TC-Helicon.

Pre Production Wraps Up on VoiceLive 2

We let you know a month ago about pilot production, now the next manufacturing step – pre production is complete.

Auto mic-gain preview – VoiceLive 2

Couple weeks ago Tom taped me checking out the alpha implementation of the auto mic-gain feature. There are some graphic details to work out – but it’s nearly finalized.

Presets & Steps on the fly – VoiceLive 2

Earlier on in February I got a chance to sit down and spend some time with the preset step function on VoiceLive 2. This is going to be great for building up tunes during live performance.

What is the Wizard? – VoiceLive 2

Get some insight into why the Wizard tagging system was added to VoiceLive 2. View the whole post to see the current list of searchable tags. Comment and add your own ideas.

Pilot production roller coaster day – VoiceLive 2

It almost scared me when VoiceLive 2 pilot production units showed up- and so early in the morning. You can never really be sure what you are going to see when you open the first box. Did all the changes asked for get implemented? Did you document everything correctly and was it all correctly understood?

Secret VoiceLive 2 feature revealed – VoiceSupport

We didn’t publically announced this feature at the NAMM show, but now we’re ready to talk about it – VoiceLive 2 ships with a new software utility called VoiceSupport. VoiceSupport is a Windows/Mac application that connects VoiceLive 2 with our support network. What can you expect?

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