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What is the Wizard? – VoiceLive 2

Get some insight into why the Wizard tagging system was added to VoiceLive 2. View the whole post to see the current list of searchable tags. Comment and add your own ideas.

Pilot production roller coaster day – VoiceLive 2

It almost scared me when VoiceLive 2 pilot production units showed up- and so early in the morning. You can never really be sure what you are going to see when you open the first box. Did all the changes asked for get implemented? Did you document everything correctly and was it all correctly understood?

Secret VoiceLive 2 feature revealed – VoiceSupport

We didn’t publically announced this feature at the NAMM show, but now we’re ready to talk about it – VoiceLive 2 ships with a new software utility called VoiceSupport. VoiceSupport is a Windows/Mac application that connects VoiceLive 2 with our support network. What can you expect?

VoiceLive 2 alpha software released

Alpha software for VoiceLive 2 has been released internally. There have been releases before this, but this is the first official release that has been distributed to everyone in the office with some specific testing requirements.

NaturalPlay Harmony Algorithms – VoiceLive 2 development

This video gives you a bit of background on the development process for creating the new NaturalPlay harmony algorithms in VoiceLive 2.

8 harmony voices DSP implementation – VoiceLive 2

Tom Lang checks out 8 voices of harmony running on VoiceLive 2.

MP3 controlled harmonies – VoiceLive 2

Here’s a quick demo of MP3 controlled harmonies.

New Vyzor 2.0 Editors Available for TC-Helicon Products

New Vyzor 2.0 Editors Available for TC-Helicon Products

  • January 15, 2009 at 10:53 pm by Tom Lang
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VoiceLive 2 redefines performance vocal effects

TC-Helicon, creators of the first vocal harmony and multi-effects floor processor, has pushed the envelope of performance effects for vocalists yet again with VoiceLive 2.

VoiceCouncil Magazine – the most extensive online resource for vocalists – adds Peer Review video features

VoiceCouncil Magazine, the online magazine that contains everything the emerging vocalist needs for success, now comes with added Peer Review video reviews section.

  • January 11, 2009 at 10:03 pm by Tom Lang
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