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VoiceJam Video Contest Winners

See the VoiceJam app demo on YouTube

We saw a number of videos entered into our VoiceJam Skills Video Contest. Once again, it’s amazing what you can do with VoiceJam and a mic inside a phone! We’ve selected two winners: John Paul – Old Hill Mike MacFarland – VoiceJam The winners will choose their VoiceTone prize.

Live videos from Winter NAMM 2011

What's hot - NAMM 11

Check out singer songwriter, and TC-Helicon demonstrator, Christine Havrilla as she showcases VoiceTone T1, C1, D1, R1, VoiceLive Touch and MP-75 modern performance vocal microphone with Mic Control. VoiceTone Singles & Mp-75 VoiceTone Touch & Mp-75

NAMM 2011 – VoiceTone Single pedals demo by Christine Havrilla

VoiceTone Singles NAMM 2011 Christine Havrilla

Live from NAMM 2011, Singer songwriter, and TC-Helicon demonstrator, Christine Havrilla shows how TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone Singles pedals let singers transform their raw vocal talent into a completely produced studio vocal sound that they can control. She also features MP-75 modern performance vocal microphone with Mic Control.

NAMM 2011 – VoiceLive Touch demonstrated by Christine Havrilla


See Christine demonstrating the looping and major features of Voicelive Touch at NAMM 2011. Recorded live directly from VoiceLive Touch using TC-Helicon’s MP-75 modern performance vocal microphone.

Christine Havrilla – On Tour with TC-Helicon

Christine Havrilla Live

Christine started playing guitar when she was about 5 years old – “My dad played as well as a few of my relatives. I always had great support from my family to pursue music because it made me happy! I never studied music or took lessons- I learned from watching, listening and playing with other […]

Simone Vignola – Rising success with the VoiceLive 2

Simone Vignola, rising success with the VoiceLive 2

“I was really interested in having some vocal effects for my live show and had been looking for something modern that was built with a one-man-band approach and the VoiceLive 2 looked like the one! When I tried the effects I was very surprised; you often read about clever harmonisers or “hard tune” effects thinking that they cannot really deliver… but the VoiceLive 2 does!”

What is live looping? VoiceCouncil can help

Why Live Loop? - Beardyman

Our friends at VoiceCouncil have posted some articles on live vocal looping. This genre of performance is growing fast and the articles focus on three experienced looping artists Lilli Lewis, Beardyman and Mister Tim. What’s live looping? Why live loop? The articles include interview and video.

Kadawatha – Daniel brings vocal creativity to the stage with VoiceLive 2

Daniel Kadawatha

Kadawatha tells you about a world that most definitely reflects our own. The stories and the characters that live in it are not just empty words, they all real thoughts and feelings revealed in a dreamlike and surrealistic way. This is more than music, it’s an unfinished diary.

Your Designs – stay tuned for winner


The deadline for entering designs into the “Design-a-voice-product” contest is closed. Stay tuned to for the new product announcement on June 16th as well as the announcement on who won the VoiceLive 2. Check out some of the entries so far on our Facebook page: TC-Helicon’s Photos – Design a TC-Helicon Voice Product – Entries

Win a VoiceLive 2: design-a-voice-product

Our first attempt at design a product collage

TC-Helicon is getting set to announce a monster-of-vocal product on June 16th. It’s likely some singers will pass out. To make it easier on TC-Helicon friends and owners we’re giving you a chance to predict the design of the new product using nothing but primary school art skills. So here’s your chance to use your […]

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