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Queens of the Stone Age – Taking VoiceLive 2 on the Road


In June 2013 Queens of the Stone Age released their 6th studio album “…Like Clockwork”. Some say it was to appease the gods of desert rock who had grown restless from the lack of psychedelia in modern music. Whatever the reason, QOTSA is once again bringing their unique brand of rock to the world – […]

Serj Tankian – Songs of Protest

Serj Tankian

When System of a Down (SOAD) hit the music scene in 1998 their intense mix of metal and Middle Eastern folk music made everyone take notice. None caught the eyes and ears more than eclectic frontman Serj Tankian whose unique phrasings and singing style quickly became synonymous with the band’s sound – and has earned him a rightful place among the top vocalists of the genre. An Armenian immigrant born in Lebanon and re-rooted in Los Angeles, Serj has successfully used his experience of the melding of cultures, ideas and ideals to pave a singular way in music, one that has led to five albums with SOAD, three solo albums (with two more in the pipeline), and countless side projects – earning him considerable critical praise and professional accolades on the way.

A singer, poet, songwriter, activist, and composer; Serj Tankian has proven a creative powerhouse, and one who’s not afraid to [...]

Depeche Mode – on tour with VoiceLive Rack

Dave Gahan

  Depeche Mode, a band that sold over 100 million albums, charted singles all over the world and is included in the list of “50 Bands That Changed The World!“ is using VoiceLive Rack as part of their live production on their current Delta Machine tour. VoiceLive Rack comes in handy when Depeche Mode is […]

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