About Tommy DeCarlo

Born and raised in Utica, New York, Tommy DeCarlo lived and breathed sports, playing baseball, football and basketball throughout his school years. Tommy’s interest in music began in elementary school when he joined the school choir. He recalls, “Every year I would try out for one of the lead singing solo parts and every year I never got one. “They always told me my voice was too soft” Many years later, he would show the world that was not the case.

In 2007 BOSTON founding member Tom Scholz happened to hear Tommy’s cover of “Don’t Look Back,” and was shocked. Knowing every nuance of Brad’s voice, he could not believe that this was not Brad singing, exclaiming, “I haven’t heard anyone else sing like that in 35 years.” Fallowing an appearance on stage with BOSTON at the Brad Delp Tribute Show, Tom Scholz invited Tommy to join BOSTON as a lead vocalist. “Being a long time fan of the band BOSTON I was always amazed at the clarity Tom Scholz was able to produce with Brad’s vocals. Being that I am primarily a vocalist, it’s very important to have a clean vocal sound and my TC Helicon products give me the clarity I need both live and in the studio.”