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Making Hit Vocals 2 – Vocal Group Harmonies

Making Hit Vocals 2 - Vocal Group Harmonies

Vocal Group Harmonies | Making Hit Vocals – EPISODE 2

TC-Helicon presents a video series that showcases the creative process in Making Hit Vocals live. Laura Clapp and Tom Lang bring your hooks, harmonies and various vocal ear-candy and reveal what effects are used and how they are tweaked. Scroll to the end of the post to get these effects using VoiceTone Harmony-G XT and […]

Rosebud & Harmony-G


“We love our TC Helicon Harmony G,” says elder sister, Ciara, “It provides studio quality effects for both guitar and vocals for our live performances, not to mention it adds fullness to our harmonies”.

VoiceTone Synth Tutorial Videos

Tom Lang, with a focus on guitar playing singers,  takes you through everything from hookup to editing and some advanced features in this video set.

VoiceTone Synth: Connections

VoiceTone Synth: Connections

Hooking up your mic and instrument VoiceTone Synth

VoiceTone Synth: Getting Started

VoiceTone Synth: Getting Started

Setting levels, adaptive to and walkthrough of main features VoiceTone Synth

VoiceTone Synth: Preset Tour

VoiceTone Synth: Preset Tour

Listen to the factory presets included with VoiceTone Synth VoiceTone Synth

VoiceTone Synth: Editing

VoiceTone Synth: Editing

Tweak, edit and store your custom sounds VoiceTone Synth

VoiceTone Synth: Key and Scale

VoiceTone Synth - guitar controlled HardTune

Setting key manually or with an instrument VoiceTone Synth

VoiceTone Synth – Live Demo

VoiceTone Synth - Live Demo

Live demonstration of VoiceTone Synth. Plug in your mic and your guitar and get vocoding, Even vocode without an instrument! Features HardTune auto pitch correction effects as well as voice-to-synth presets. Create modern ear candy vocal effects instantly with VoiceTone Synth. VoiceTone Synth

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